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Ballet (217)

Ballroom (449)

Boot Scoot (141)

Cancan (27)

Clubbing (649)

Disco (421)

Free Style (766)

Haka (6)

Hip Hop (751)

Hoedown (53)

Hussle (122)

Jazz Dance (221)

Jitterbug (115)

Krumping (120)

Mambo (164)

Merengue (269)

Polka (79)

Rave (176)

Rumba (221)

Salsa (381)

Samba (213)

Shag (52)

Slow Dance (739)

Soft-Shoe (25)

Swing (322)

Tango (256)

Tap Dance (92)

Twist (49)

Two-Step (320)

Waltz (264)

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